Baking Maps in Topogun

So after the awfully exciting process of unwrapping is complete it’s time to bake out some maps.  There is this fantastic new program called TopoGun out there which Jonathan Rush introduced to me and the other students of his CG Society course. You should really check it out.  It’s very specialised if you haven’t gathered from the name, and is used purely for re-topologising and baking out maps. It does both of these things incredibly well, and short of a few bugs, very smoothly.

The process is simple.  Once you’re all done in ZBrush, you export your high poly mesh out as an OBJ and then import it into TopoGun. Like ZBrush, TopoGun can handle incredibly high poly counts with nary a hiccup. If you’re re-topo’ing then you can just start drawing right on top of the high poly mesh. Creating topology, deleting topology, and moving verts, edges and faces around until you are happy with the low poly mesh.

Baking maps is even easier…no need to build a separate cage, just hit a few buttons and voila you’ve got your normal, diffuse, cavity and ambient occlusion maps. Below you can see me baking out the maps for the Bertie Mk2’s head.

I highly encourage you to check it out.



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